World Leasing yearbook

The leading global intelligence resource for leasing and asset finance professionals. World Leasing yearbook is the indispensable directory that provides direct access to over 5,000 companies and 6,000 contacts from all sectors of the industry.

World Leasing yearbook World Leasing yearbook World Leasing yearbook

The 40th Anniversary edition of the World Leasing Yearbook is the only guide which covers all the world’s leasing and asset financing markets in one single volume. Available in digital and hardback formats.

Over 50 country reviews written by the top industry players in the markets cover all leasing sectors with core data for each country with analysis and projections.

Covering 356 pages World Leasing Yearbook is the essential guide to current opportunities in international leasing and asset finance and provides valuable reference data for all players in the field.

The new 2019 edition includes the latest Global Leasing Report which includes unique data on market volume and growth by region, including a ranking and analysis of the top 50 leasing markets by size. Features data from 1997 to date. The complete Global Leasing report is ONLY available in the World Leasing Yearbook.

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